5. Januar 2016

Troubleshoot Azure RMS Connector – Integrate SharePoint 2013 with Azure RMS

In order to allow SharePoint contents to be protected by Information Rights Management features, SharePoint requires to connect to a Rights Management System (RMS). This can either be an on-premises RMS or an Azure RMS. If you’re using Azure RMS […]
21. Mai 2015

How to Configure OAuth using Server2Server Trust in SharePoint 2013

  ​Recently I was asked to integrate a SharePoint environment with a K2 environment. Usually this is not very complicated as K2 provides a setup.exe which you can run on your SharePoint farm which configures this automatically. Unfortunately, due to […]
25. August 2014

23 steps to create an External Content Type

There are several step-by-step guides available on the internet – so why do I post another one here? Most of what you find on the internet is just a test case where you will setup an external datasource with a […]
9. Juli 2014

10 Steps to Configure SharePoint Hosted Apps

Setting up your farm for SharePoint hosted up might be trivial but it can be rather complex when you have multiple web applications in your farm which are using the same IP and maybe also share the same SSL SAN […]
18. Juni 2014

Manage SharePoint Apps

​Just in case you need to troubleshoot issues with SharePoint hosted or remote hosted apps the following URLs might come in handy: /_layouts/15/appinv.aspx – Lookup page to search for existing apps   /_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx – page to manually register an app […]
25. April 2014

Troubleshooting SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service

The UPS Sync Service is a wild beast. So if it (again) does what it wants instead of synchronizing your user profiles smoothly here are a few ideas how to narrow down what causes the issue. Recommended Steps for Troubleshooting […]